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Hey, welcome to the Radio Bedroom Lounge and Chat website - back in the day, our little radio bar opened up at 9pm eastern time, and we had great times in the wonderful chat room and over the air phone lines!

Ignore the Friday the 13th episode, unless you want to know what happens when Cory's in his bedroom with two older women ;) - one's a model too..

Our website has been designed so that you can listen to the most recent episode on our page (or live from here, without chat) and hop from page to page without refreshing the player. So, take a listen as your browse our page!

Interviews to Hear:
Saturday, August 29th, 2009 with A LUCKY DAY LATER (band)

If you haven't already, I recommend that you sign up for a BlogTalkRadio account -- in fact, it's the only way you can get involved with our chat room, if you do.

So, for this, the step by step.
1) Go to
2) Click register, fill out the form, but do not select "host my own"
3) Confirm your account via email
4) Go to - you should see the Radio Bedroom profile.
5) From there, click Add to Friends on the page, as well as "Fav" on the player.

After registering, all you have to do is show up when an episode is scheduled.

The easiest way to get involved with our show is over the phone, and we enjoy taking callers throughout each and every live broadcast. No BlogTalkRadio account is needed to call into a show

1) Dial 646 595 4174 on your telephone (Some people may have to dial '1' before the number, 1-646-595-4174)
2) Follow instructions as listed, and press the proper button ('1') to speak to the host, and be on air.


The fabulous staff at the Radio Bedroom Lounge and Chat will be glad to seat you at your tables and pleasure you throughout the evening, as you stay with us.

Judging People:
Are you brave enough to be judged by the harsh members of the Radio Bedroom Staff alongside remarks from our wonderful "celebrity" guests? If so, get involved.

To get involved, send an email off to cory[at]radiobedroom[dot]com with a subject of "Judging People Application" and answer the following questions in the body of the email.
1) First Name
2) Location (Nearest major city & state)
3) Age
4) Relationship status (single, in a relationship, engaged, married, desperate, etc)
5) If you're in a relationship of any kind, would you like to be judged as a couple and appear together?
6) Write a paragraph about yourself, including a couple sentences each about your favorite hobby, your work, your relationship, and just a general about yourself.
7) Let us know just how much you can take, we don't want to push you too far.

Remember, Judging People on the Radio Bedroom is for comedy and entertainment purposes only, and we state that you must be emotionally strong enough to be a part of this segment. We are not responsible for the outcome of any judged participant(s)

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